More Progress

We went up to Hudson yesterday for just the day. Joe's friend Mat came up to advise and help us strategize. He's been a contractor forever - so it was unbelievably helpful to hear what he had to say. He told us how to attack certain projects and also which ones were.... how shall I say... overly ambitious? Joe and he walked around sketching floor plans and discussing things in dept while I went nuts on the living room and dining room areas.

No - your eyes are not deceiving you. I did in fact rip up all the carpet and carpet padding in the living room by myself - while Joe and his friend had their little tea party Imeanplanningsession. We appear to have won the lottery on this room because the floors are pretty darn gorgeous as is (as long as you ignore the hulking cube of a recent bathroom addition which is pretty jarring). As you can see I have already moved some art up there (I ran out of wall space long long ago in the Brooklyn pad)


Jen said...

You are making me jealous with those pictures of your summer covers...:)

hallie said...

Are you less jealous knowing that this fireplace is phony baloney? but yeah - this is probably teh prettiest thing in the house.

Green Fairy said...

Great job. We just ripped out three rooms of carpeting not too long ago, so I know what a pain that is!

Your floors look pretty good, as does the fireplace, even if it is "phony baloney".