4 Day Work Extravaganza

I'm so exhausted that I can't get too poetic in this post - but I will tell you we had a helluva weekend. Joe's parents drove up and we all spent 4 days up in Hudson working our collective arses off on the house. I can't believe how hard the parents worked! Here are a few befores on one of the rooms we tackled.

Another case of painting the panelling to create a decent space for awhile - until we open those walls to insulate. In case you can't tell it's another shade of grey (gray?).

Joe's mommy mopping the icky bathroom. She's so cute.

Action shot of Joe.

An after with my makeshift curtains - I realize the color is all wrong .I want something neutral so that the fireplace is the star of the show - but hey, the free bolt of fabric that I happen to have on hand is this aquamarine business. So it'll work for a few weeks.

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Jennifer said...

I think it's great for temporary! I love your fireplace.