Panneling Party

Ok here's a little before and... well I guess during pictures.
We decided to paint the paneling in one bedroom in an effort to create a clean place to camp asap. I was reluctant at first because I know that as soon as any part of the house becomes non-hideous it gets moved to the bottom of the list. Which means this quick fix could stay this way for years. But ultimately I went for it - we need a clean spot and this one has a huge closet so it won the eenie meenie.

We painted it grey - but it looks really powder blue in this shot.

Yes I know that it looks like crap around the windows and baseboards - but we haven't done those yet. Priming and painting was all we had time to do last Sunday. I'll do them this weekend.

What do you think? Is it too tacky for words - or do you think its passable in a cottagey kind of way?


iloveupstate.com said...

Throw down a rug, a bedframe, boxspring and mattress with a card table and it'll be a cute spot to escape to from time to time. Maybe you can lock Bernie up there while you were elsewhere in the house?

If you're looking for beds up there - Resnick's in Hudson is pretty cheap. I bought a bed there and LOVE it. There's also a HUGE killer $1 store in the same strip mall.

iloveupstate.com said...

By the way...I have an extra trundle bed frame in my garage if you guys want it. Might be good for a guest bedroom. It's the extra small twin size and then pops up to a double size.

You should just come over and clean out my garage...gallons of paint I'l never use (want some lavendar? bought it and never opened it...)

Green Fairy said...

Toss in a crisp white bedspread with Bernie sprawled across it and you'll have the cover of Cottage Living.

Hallie&Joe said...

Can I marry you both?
IloveUpstate - I was looking for a way to weasel my way into your house! Your garage is good enough for me babe.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous. I want to paint everything now.