Adventures in Lawnmowing

Ok - so mowing a lawn that hasn't been cut in at least two years is kind of a big deal. Especially for two people who don't own a lawn mower or a weed wacker and who haven't attempted to mow grass in a solid twenty + years (or for me, never). Actually, I don't even know why I'm trying to insinuate myself into this scenario cause I did zilch. Unless you count picking out the lawnmower which we got at Lowes (after checking them out all over town including HD). Anyway, just buying one was almost an all day extravaganza. Joe tackled it in sections. I took these photos as night was falling and he'd done about half. He pretty much gave the yard a fauxhawk. I can just imagine the neighbors looking at it and shaking their heads over the citiots.

Mary on the halfshell is still up to her neck in grass at press time.


Green Fairy said...

Wow...that's quite the jungle. Until this summer, I had never mowed a lawn, either. The novelty is quickly wearing off.

Are you keeping the Bathtub Virgin?

Anonymous said...

OMG is that a Mary on the Half Shell made from a buried bathtub? Those are my favorite!-priscilla

Jennifer said...

I always use the weedwhacker on that wort of stuff... we just whacked our backyard. It hasn't been mowed in THREE years.. until we just cut it last weekend!

iloveupstate.com said...

OK dear Citiot friend...you're gonna have to bite the bullet and hire a lawn mower person...unless you religiously do it every 10-14 days.

1. if it's not mowed often, you'll get robbed.
2. neighbors, mosquitos = hell.

Hallie&Joe said...

I think we can handle every two weeks - but if not I agree, I'll hire someone rather than let it go wild again. Too many critters!

Amanda said...

"Mary on the half shell". Nice.