My Friend Dawn's Hudson House Is Available For Rent!!!

Dawn and her husband are both amazing artists and her gorgeous house upstate has an almost indescribably dreamy vibe. They recently bought another house and are putting this one up for rent. Let me tell you, you could definitely write a novel in this place. It's really magical. Forgive the vignette type photos. I didn't have a realtor hat on when I was taking these. I had my "how can I create these same amazing surfaces in my own house" hat on. Her husband is a decorative painter and obviously knows his way around venetian plaster (not to mention that insane fresco in the bedroom). Anyway, I think its a three bedroom (could be more but I saw three) and I don't know how may baths (Dawn please leave a comment to straighten out my wishy washy facts). UPDATE: CLICK HERE to visit Dawn's houseblog with all the nitty gritty. Or just read her comment.

ps: that's one of Dawn's brilliant paintings above...

Yeah - that's the dining room ceiling and walls... I know!

Kitchen ceiling and partial cabinetry... I know!

Floor detail

Aforementioned Fresco.
This one is wallpaper with plaster around the edges... I can barely take it.


modernemama said...

she has great taste, ooh that wallpaper, and I love her painting

Dawn Breeze said...

Hey Hallie,
The house is currently 3bdrm, 1.5 bath..could be more bedrooms, but we use the other rooms, as office, dining rm, living rm, walk in closet..etc, people can check out the rental blog, www.casamiafunliving.blogspot.com..and or email me at casamiahudson@gmail.com for more info. Thx for all the flattery, jeez:)

goddessof4 said...

I really love the tin ceiling and I LOVE the wrought iron bed!!!!

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