Dad Labor - Installment 1

There was way more mudding and sanding to do in the living room when my father and I got up to Hudson - so I didn't get to dig in to my fireplace project although I bought all the stuff. My Dad felt pretty strngly that there were bigger fish to fry (and also that his strengths lay elsewhere). First and foremost - he was freaking about our utterly useless rain gutter sitch. He simply could not abide the damp basement. So that's where the fun began. The entire yard slopes toward the house on all four sides and doesn't stop till you get to the front sidewalk. so we ran some pretty crazy looking downspouts that go along the ground the whole length of the house and basically look like ass. But it's a temporary fix. We need to get the ground re-graded all the way around. We talked about burying drain pipes but they have to be burried so crazy deep in our frozen-solid-all-winter climate that we abandoned the concept. I didn't take a lot of pictures of this project because the visual payoff wasn't super sexy. but here's one that shows how it looked when we left. In a word ridiculous - but we needed to keep it all away from the stone wall (more on that later) that Joe and Dad built - and the rain was a comin. We will move them back closer to the house this coming weekend since all the mortar in the wall will be dry. 

Just to remind you what we were dealing with before...

So yeah - it was a bit of an improvement. We did about 5 million other project so I'll post them all individually to keep this form being a total book. Dad labor = priceless.

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Green Fairy said...

Your dad rocks! You know who really loves you by their willingness to work on your old house.