Fireplace Project

here - as promised (a zillion weeks ago it seems) are some updates on my fireplace project.
first I did a few tests. On the upper left hand corner I used joint compound only.
In between the bricks elsewhere I used a hot mix which is (for those who don't know) just a combo of plaster and joint compound. The mix makes it dry much faster and gives the whole thing a bit more body so that it doesn't droop or sag or any other such bs.
The more plaster you mix in the faster it dries so you wanna mix just a bit at a time if you are a slowpoke like moi. I also stripped some of the mysterious crappola off the floor with a brilliant cleaning product that I like using way more than the strippers I've tested. It produces no odors or gasses thought I'm sure it's not at all green. But I digress. More on that later.
Example 1:
As the closeup reveals the joint compound alone section looked like total ass. lots of bubbling and cracking and all manner of ugliness. Fine, now I know.
Meanwhile the mix section dried really smoothly and was mailable by hand. So I was able to press it into the crevices after letting it dry for about 15 minutes.
Here it is fully covered. It still needs another coat and then paint to achieve the look I am going for. But I think it already looks way way better. More like stone and less like something built by stoners. Ok that was a very Dad/king of lame puns type joke but you'll have to forgive me. I have other qualities.
Here's another close up of the surface.

And one of the hearth. These tiles are pre 1900's and I'm diggin on them. So they shall stay.
Ok I also tested an adhesive remover on the floor and this is the result. It worked pretty well - but was super fumey and scary toxic. I'm thinking I'll just use the hardcore cleaner again. But will also test out one of the soy strippers and see if we can get there without destroying the earth.
It's gonna look rad huh? In my dreams this floor is stained a silvery gray like driftwood.
Here is the cleaning product I used. I don't have the energy to reload it in the proper way - so be a dear and tilt your head to the left won't you?
all for now.

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lesley said...

Fireplace looks awesome! Sooo much better!