An Epic Entry To Catch You Up

Well, it's been what... 12 days? It feels like a frigging lifetime. So here's an epic entry to catch everyone up. I started work at the paper - here are a few cover stories I got in my first week. Turns out it's not a quaint little paper. It's a crazy,, hectic little paper. I've been working my ass off and to tired to do anything fun or frivolous after work. hence the blog draught.
But the people are rad and I'm learning a lot. So the good outweighs the ass kicking.

One thing you gotta love about Hudson, the people are friggin hilarious. here are a few "brides" at the Second Show Thrift Shop - they were having a sale to benefit the local hospital. I just totally dug these ladies.

These two called themselves Muffy and Puffy Chardonnay.

This one was mail order...I'm missing Joe like a mofo. He sent me Halloween flowers though - how adorable is that. Here they are. he said they were called something ridic like Autumn explosion. Could he be any more awesome?

My Dad sent me some really cool chairs. They are very mid century - and I tend to like things that were made about 50 years before that - but these are so cool that I'm making an exception. do you like what a gracious receiver I am? Ha! Anyway, they are super comfortable. I may get them reupholstered at some point in a traditional fabric. Thanks Dad. These rule and I know Joe is gonna appreciate them because the no-arms thing makes guitar playing easy. This one is a little dark - Bernie was like what the f's up yo? Why would you ever want to take a picture that I'm not in?
This is Rob and his fairy prince of a son Finn. this kid is so cute it hurts my ovaries. I get to run into these two every other day. Cause that's how it is here. It aint large folks.
Thank god there are so many cool people here.

here's a glimpse of the gorgeous scenery that I happened to snap a shot of after this weird press conference that I had to cover. This looks like one of Dawn's paintings. mmmmmmmm. So relaxing.

Whew! Well, more soon. But that's the gist of it.
love love.
Will be posting more decor related stuff this week. Swear!


Christine said...

Bernie needs his own personal paparazzi, love his camera-hound ways!

Hallie and Joe said...

I could seriously do an entire book of his hammy little schnoz.