I Aint Gone Lie People...

Mudding ceilings sux. Don't let anybody tell you different. I actually thought I had done a pretty awesome job, till I talked to Joe on the phone and he told me that I needed to go over all the walls and ceiling with a florescent light, looking for imperfections. Damn it! So of course, under florescent light it looked like complete ass (as do ALL things under florescent light now that I think about it). So anyway, I worked on it for a lon glong time. The whole point was to finish so I could get the kitchen and living room primed and therefore stuck down so that I might walk through the house without getting filthy from the plaster dust that penetrates everything. Hope springs eternal right? I'm so demanding!

(note the plaster "chaps," hot look no?)
Anyway, I did succeed in priming the kitchen at least. And guess what? It kinda looks like crap. Such a drag - but hey, it's my first time and Joe can help me perfect it later. For now at least it's clean. And the fact that I did a great job on the walls and corners is some consolation.

Later, I was talking to my neighbor, and I told him what Joe had made me do with the florescent light. He prety much did a spit take. He was laughing his ass off. Apparently, outsiders quickly identify my husband as an insane perfectionist. I appreciate this trait when HE'S doing the work... but when I am? Not so much.

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