Catch Up Posts: Veterans Day

Member how Michelle Obama said that this was the first time in her adult life that she'd felt truly proud of her country? And all manner of shinola hit the proverbial fan?
Listen now, I love America and all. But even thought I had two colonel Grandfathers, I've never been one to get all moved by Veterans Day.
But I don't know guys. something happened to me during the election I think, and I got weirdly patriotic.
I was covering a parade and ceremony for VD and I seriously got kinda teary and had to put on a huge pair of sunglasses while I scribbled in my little reporter notebook.
Here are some pics. Such a pretty town when you get right down to it.
There were rifle solutes involved.
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Five and Diamond said...

I especially like the last two photos at the courthouse. There are no cars in them and they look like they could have been taken 60 years ago.

hallie said...

right? It was pretty moving. Definite Rockwell moment. the architecture? I can barely stand stand it. So gorgeous.