More Kitchen Inspiration

I'm kind of over wall cabinets, and thinking I won't rehang the ones I took down from our scary ass kitchen. The issue is, all the kitchens with open shelving that look dreamy belong to squeaky clean people who favor monochromatic kitchenware and or food.
That is not moi.
I am very messy (in a cluttery kind of way, not a germy kind of way so calm down). I also tend to purchase colored food. (shrug)
So mine would probably not look so pristine.
Although I will say that I have some gorgeous china which I use every day (yes even in my current construction site slash hovel) which will look nice out in the open.
This picture is of my friend's country house. I know, its redic.
But how great are these simple wooden shelves and brackets?

Here's another one from Apartment therapy. Nice.

Here's another with the same clean wooden brackets that I'm diggin.

Here are a couple nice pass-throughs that like.
here's the super simple clean version...
Three cutting boards? Aye aye aye.

And this one is in another friend's house (sorry red eyed party goers). This is the funky, architectural salvage pass through. I love love love it.
But you know, I can't have EVERYTHING be a feature...
So ultimately, I'll most likely keep it simple with casings that semi-match the doors and windows in the living room.
More soon!


Anonymous said...

you can totally do it with colored food and dishes. It will be funky and cool.

CasaSugar had some pictures of a kitchen in gossip girl taht did the same thing

Shane and Casey said...

My wife wants to know if you have more pictures of the first kitchen you have posted. We have a gutted kitchen now and are in the process of deciding what we want to do as well :)

hallie said...

I'll check, but I think the answer is probably no :( She has a great hand hammered copper sink (which she says she has a really affordable soursefor if you are interested), the crazy AGA stove (which she says is a total rip off btw) and everything is aged really nicely with faux painting.
I'll go dig around.