Pipes Froze

I wonder if we get a stamp in our upstate passport now or something.
Three huge holes in the already gnarly kitchen floor later and some serious time manning the heat gun and all is well.


Renovation Therapy said...

You *have* arrived. Welcome.

Now learn to be un-green and let the hot water drip in the faucets & shower at night.

Shane and Casey said...

Did you at least avoid a crack in the pipes? Not sure if you have seen our blog and the destruction a little water can do, but if not, just trust me that if you simply had the lines freeze and nothing more, you are quite lucky :)

hallie said...

Yeah I think we really got lucky, and we TOTALLY will be leaving the water running on cold nights from now on.
I can't believe we forgot.
double arg.

An Hour In the Kitchen said...

You are the fourth person we know to have their pipes freeze this year. Most of our faucets leak, so our procrastination in repairing them may have kept them from freezing!