Dining Room Progress

Hi all,
For those who give a toss, yes there has been some rather magnificent progress in the past month, but as has been the case for awhile lately, I've had little time to blog it.
So where to begin?
First of all, forget about that time, a few seconds ago, when I used the word magnificent. There's been some pretty good progress OK?
The progress has really lead to a less war-zoney feel, and it is way way way more civilized downstairs these days.
For starters, the dining room walls and ceiling are done. (Except for the tons of panel and crown molding that we'll be adding)
The color is lead by Ben Moore. It's a really cool dark grey with a bit of navy - though it looks navy in these shots. In real life it's exactly like pencil lead scribbles. Yum!
Here it is with the dining room table in it.
Note the TV and all other manner of crazy clutter - we have to totally over-utilize the livable rooms that we have. So, it's a TV room, living room, dining room at the moment.
No, we will not have a telly in there forever.

I only have a few chairs in from the garage. But hey, it's not like I'm throwing dinner parties right now anyway. So we are jazzed with what we have.
The floor still has some adhesive residue. It has no stickiness, just the grey film you see everywhere. The downstairs floors will have to wait awhile, they'll all get sanded down together.
Here's a super cluttery shot of what's going on with the fireplace. As you can see there isn't a mantle yet. The plaster treatment proj turned out pretty well in my opinion.
I piled some art around it in the meantime, cause who can wait really?
Those candles seem rather matchy don't they? Unintentional, so just calm down.
There will be no geese with bonnets forthcoming.
I am still allergic to all things "done" looking, perfectly symmetrical, and/or adorable.*
Not that I'm in any danger, considering the current state of things, but a girl has to defend her reputation.
You may also notice the drape situation. That's it's own entry, but suffice to say, I am aware that they are not a slam dunk and am tackling the issue (at the usual snail's pace).
In the huge box is an amazing chandelier I got for the room. You will not be able to handle it.
Ok maybe you will, but it's dreamy I assure you.

* except for those found in the animal kingdom.


modernemama said...

Love, love, love the table

Shane and Casey said...

Does the paint make the room quite a bit darker? It is hard to tell from the pictures. Or is it just because you don't have the chandelier up?

Just Off The Taconic said...

Looks great, and I've totally got fireplace envy -- wow! And is that a little white cat in the first photo??? Must look back for an introduction!

Hallie and Joe said...

I have to admit, I don't talk about the kitties much, poor little guys. But yeah, I have two identical white cats. They are super friendly and love to cover my predominantly black wardrobe with hair.
Shane and Casey - no, not really. The room has lots of light if the widows are uncovered - which they aren't right now (more later on my unsuccessful drapery choice). But we are kinda candlelight people anyway. When we put the chandelier in we'll definitely utilize a dimmer most of the time. Just not that into super bright rooms now that I think about it.

Jen said...

I love the table - and great color choice.

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog the other day! It looks like we're gonna move! Small city, here I come! :)

Five and Diamond said...

Very "recession-chic". I love it.

Crown Molding said...

The room is definitely coming together. I absolutely love the dining room table, very rustic.

Great design.