Hip Me Up To New House(ish)blogs

Even Bernie is bored...
I need new blogs to follow ya'll. Most of the bloggers I fell in love with a year ago have either started blogging about things non-homie, or ghosted all together.
I'm going to have to revamp and fluff up my links.
Obviously some of my old faves, like renovationtherapy (who ain't so big on renovating anymore) can stay because they still make me laugh and have great taste.
But who else in the design-reno-decor-all-things-interior-blogisphere has been blowing your minds lately?
Hook me up. I need new inspiration asap!


Nadine @ BDG said...

I've been enjoying your blog for about seven months now--I am also renovating, albeit more slowly, a place between Athens and Coxsackie. Blogs I've been following for inspiration are The Paris Apartment, parisapartment.wordpress.com
just because Claudia posts really beautiful pictures and has a ton of links to other decor sites, and Maison D'Etre, maisondetre.typepad.com/maison_detre,
which has a more modern, mid-century feel.
If you get a sec in your surfing, my own architecture/design/blather can be found on my blog: boulerdesigngroup.blogspot.com.
Cheers and Peace, Nadine Bouler

dec0r8or said...

I'm supposed to be working on MY house, too, but I'm the world's worst procrastinator, so haven't done much lately. My latest favorite design site is Velvet & Linen. It's a husband and wife team...he's the architect, and she's the designer...and their stuff is GORGEOUS! Of course, we're talking crazy budgets, but hey, it's fun to look, right?!



Renovation Therapy said...

When Spring hits, I'll start working on the house again, till then I'm just hibernating.

Check out:
couple from Brooklyn rehabing a B&B way upstate.

also, Eddie Ross just bought a house with his partner on your side of the river. I puffy heart Eddie. eddieross.com

Hallie and Joe said...

yay! New blood!
Nadine love your blog - nice to meet you!
- Dec- you are right that's some pretty.
-Reno - I know. I think I'm gonna try to make an auction date with him so I can do a story on it. A guy's got to shop for furnature right?
Can you handle the miniature horses on his land?? Can. not. handle.

Jenni said...

I am bored with my own blog.

As far as the house, we haven't done a thing not necessary. We are just happy to have a roof over our heads right now.

the t and j show said...

i started a blog last week about my house renos. things will be moving along at a slow-ish pace. money, not knowing what the hell we're doing, etc...
i'll make up for a lack of home posts with pictures of our two pugadillos.

Aaron said...

You can see the newest houseblogs that have registered at Houseblogs.net by looking under the Blogs tab and then selecting 'Newest' under the Blog Directory along the right side.

My recent favorite has been Chezerbey since they are both architects.