Kitchen Floor Part Dos

So then over the weekend, Joe and finessed that sum bitch.
This delightful photo shows the Zinzer shellac that I hit all the knots with so they wont bleed through the paint - and the puttying that Joe did to fill all the obvious machine made dings and staple marks.

If I had a dollar for every meal this guy eats sitting down I would have like three dollars a month. Ka-ching!

Yeah, the Kid still has a lot to learn about how to relax. It's true.
But it's on his five year plan, swear to God.
Yep there it is, #127, learn to relax more.
Right after #126 - finish the book Guns Germs and Steel.
(Side note: goals 1 through 100 are pretty much all house related)
So anyway, yeah - then we primered the whole shebang.

More delectable views. Now that it's primered we really see that it needs some distressing and face nailing because it's way way too pristine. But it looks nice, no?

Here it is put back together so we can use it this week.
Bad kitty!

We didn't primer under the stove and the fridge, we have so many other little things to do to the floor before we start the epic paint job - so we kind of want to put off moving everything out of the kitchen until the last possible minute.
I still have camping memories from October when I moved up here and lived off microwavable nastiness for months.
Good times. Good high sodium times.

Ooh that's a bad kitty!
Dunno if you noticed, but I knocked the middle moulding bits off the cabinets. Not only was it very satisfying - it's one less unnecessary dust-collecting ledge in house full of dust collecting crevices. So there's that.


Anonymous said...

I'll bring my three large dogs over (I'm near Saugerties) to help distress your floor.
Seriosly, I can't wait to see everything come together. That stove!-Priscilla

Nadine @ BDG said...

I agree with Priscilla-- that stove is amazing. You both deserve a pint and a backrub after all you've done this week.

Green Fairy said...

I like "visiting" your place just so I can drool over that stove. So jealous!

My future sister-in-law painted their wood floor, and I love it. It's been eight or more years, and has a good bit of wear on the surface, which only adds to the charm. I'm going to have to take pictures of it next time we drive out to Kansas.

rh said...

It looks great! For now. Save the step of beating it up. I give it a week until it looks weathered.

hallie said...

Ha! You guys are probably right.

Jenni said...

And I thought I was the only one to drop by and drool over the stove.

I painted a bedroom floor light sage green in our old old house. It wore nicely in about a year with just our foot traffic.

dec0r8or said...

Oh, it's all looking like so much FUN! I just love me a good kitchen reno. I can't wait to see what happens next! The floor looks great, and I'm with everyone else...I don't think you'll have to do an intentional stressing...it'll happen on its own soon enough!