Kitchen Floor Part Uno

So here's what we were up to late last week slash last weekend.
OK the me part of we didn't get super involved until Saturday.
This was really Joe's baby.
That's him and his friend Ryan who came up from Brooklyn to help him lay that mofo.

They started Thursday and Joe finished it by himself the next day. It's white pine, which yes we know is super soft. But what we are going for is an old looking kitchen floor that will blend well with the house around it. We plan to beat it up a little, add some face nails and paint it. If we do it right, it should look fairly authentic.

The obligatory Bernie shot. Please do not call child protective services on us just because he is oh so close to a pneumatic staple gun. Bernie knows his way around power tools. Mkay?

There's Ryan taking a moment to admire his own workmanship. Like they like to do.

Is this not gorgeous? We decided to go with a few different widths to give it some more texture. We will be quieting it all down with paint - so I thought the varying widths would be just enough.

Joe and Bernie taking a nice long look. Like they like to do.
With appliances moved back in. Hey, this is what construction looks like when you are living and working in it. You pretty much have to put the house back together at the end of every night. It's bliss. I'll tell you that right now.
Anyway - there's more to come. Stay tuned.
Oh wait - just for old times sake...

The Murderscene Kitchen. OK so the cabinets still hurt your heart? Mine too, mine too.
Just wait. I swear we will put a salve upon your wound soon enough.
Just be thankful that the frilly curtain complete with rust (ahem blood) spatter is gone.
Not to mention the icky back splash. Baby steps people. Baby steps.


Jenni said...

Hey if the coffeepot works all is good.

Your floor will be great.

us said...

Thanks Jenni!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's looking very good! Congratulations!

Barbara H.