Mouldings and Such

Member how I was obsessed with achieving the perfect shade of gray flooring? And how I did the steel wool in vinegar experiment and absolutely nothing happened. Then Door 16 blogged about a similar floor and through her I discovered this (for your drooling pleasure) which drove me insane and made me want it even more.
Well then I read THIS and decided to try again.

This time I used some of the hand cut iron nails that I'd collected from the house and cooked them in a jar of vinegar over night with the lid on (ahem controversial).

If you're still interested here's some more info on a similar process.

I only had a teensie area to test on so forgive the weirdness - but I finally got it!
This is the oak floor that's in the living, dining and hall. I stripped and sanded a small test area that will be covered in moulding.

It's not super revealing I realize, but when you enlarge it you will see that I think I've finally got the look I was going for. I've been dreaming of old, dried-out, silvery barn wood.
It's the most peaceful, relaxing color I can imagine and damned if I don't wanna live in it.

Oh we finally got casings inside this doorway. Thanks for bringing that to my attention Bernie.

Nuther view.
Man! I hate that front door. But whatever, focus on the good, focus on the good.

This is what's going on moulding-wise around the door. Almost done!
We have those salvaged rosettes stripped and primered now - I'll do a photo update as soon as they are up. They really make the new boring mouldings look more custom and less sterile.

The wall is pretty much ready for it's finish-pretty coat too. Can't wait to have time for that proj. It'll be so satisfying.
All for now.

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