Where we've been...

I know it seems like we've abandoned this blog completely, but trust me. We have lots (and I mean lots) more house to do.
It's just that some serious shidt has happened, my friend.
My husband Joe recently became extremely ill, seemingly out of nowhere, and we spent a week and a half in Columbia Memorial here in Hudson (most of it in ICU). He's home now, and although he's still very ill, he's getting stronger every day.

His diagnosis is Lyme disease, although he has tested negative for it (and everything else under the sun). But since he is responding to the treatment so well, we are inclined to accept the diagnosis. At least for now.
In case you are interested - Joe was bitten by a tick and went to the health department with the culprit in a zip lock bag. There, he was given a dose of antibiotics (which is the normal protocol had he taken the tick to a doc). Joe never developed the telltale bulls eye rash or any other symptoms within the one month period we were told to watch for signs.
But two moths later, he was suddenly deathly ill and became completely incoherent (which lasted for days).

If you'd like to learn more about it - or are interested in helping out (surprise! We have no health insurance)

please visit www.friendsofjosephmoore.com

And other awesome individuals are already rallying for us, including one of my all time favorite homie bloggers www.iloveupstate.com who is hostimg a mini auction on her site. Go over there and give her some love please!

We will be back blogging once we can once again focus on fun stuff like pain chips and bead board.


Jennifer said...

Oh dear! So sorry to hear.

I have a friend who had lyme disease, also negative on tests, etc... took her months to figure out what was going on. I sure hope that everything works out quickly and well.

Sara said...

Hi Jennifer. Judy from Strawboss sent me the link to this post. Last year my husband became very sick, almost over night. For two months we saw doctor after doctor, my husband began to think he was going to die.. His regular doctor ran an ELISA test for Lyme on him which came back negative. He had no recollection of a tick bite though he hiked frequently with our dogs. After talking with a friend of a friend we started thinking it might be Lyme. Fortunately we have a Lyme literate doctor who is local. As luck would have it they had a cancellation the day I called. Long story short he tested positive for Lyme and Babesia and has been on antibiotics and other supplements ever since. He is much much better though is not sure it'll ever really be gone completely. His most bothersome symptom is fatigue and sometimes "brain fog" as he calls it.
Give me a holler if you need a shoulder. Best of luck to you both,

a friend said...

I'll let you know how it progresses.
Here in Columbia County
(#1 for Lyme int he country) nearly everyone we've met has had lyme, but never like Joe's case.
We are still investigating, and seeing what we can do in addition to his IV and oral antibiotics to strengthen his system.
thanks again for your kind comments.