Don't Judge Me Dude

I guess it took a lot longer to recover from the trauma of this summer than I thought it would. I won't bore you with too much of it, because this is a house blog goddamnit. But if you want a how-to on navigating medical bills (or if someone you know needs help) you can go here, cause I finally posted it. I've missed you guys - and I'm ready to resume all things housey. Guess I'll start with now and work my way backward - cause I have a lot of fun sparkly things to share.


erin said...

So glad that Joe is doing well and that the medical bills got sorted. Did I tell you I am finally coming back east....going to look for a place upstate this summer, but will be in the city most of the time. xoxo

us said...

Please come up and play. I'll drive you all over the place if you like. I love house shopping.

Just Off The Taconic said...

Yeah! Bernie is back! :)