My fireplace Redo Inspiration

I thought that I had posted this forever ago - but I must have either deleted it - or made the whole thing up in my mind. Here is what inspired the treatment I did on my fireplace.

Come to think of it, the post was definitely erased - because I also posted about finding my fireplace's twin in a church on Union and realizing that it wasn't a 60's addition as I'd assumed due to it's Brady Bunchness - but in fact early 1900's. That still wasn't enough to make me stop hating its looks. So I went for the recipe outlined in the Apartment Therapy post I linked to above.
Above the fireplace is a stretch of original brick where the chimney is exposed. There, I'd eventually like to do a whitewash that looks like this. But it will have to wait until we get a mantle.



fairfieldhouse said...

Enjoyed sipping my coffee and reading through your blog this morning. I am new to blogging but will be back to watch your progress.

Just Off The Taconic said...

Totally digging it. Spotted it in a previous posting on Xmas decor. You are a brave DIYer!