Molly Sims Office Redo

Kishani Perera emailed me a scan of the November InStyle. How sweet is that? I don't know why I love this room so much. It's the exact opposite of what I'm trying to achieve in the Hudson house, but I love the energy of it. This room is so stimulating, it just screams, "get creative now!" Meanwhile, as an overstimulated New Yorker, I want my rooms to whisper, "turn off your head crazy lady, mellow out, put down the gun, make a cup of tea...etc."

The rest of Molly's apartment (also done by Perera) was more my speed - really glamorous gray with lots of chandelier action. But this is so darn pretty. I guess it's the wallpaper and the chesterfield that got me. Anyway, thanks Kishani! You are so talented!

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