Shower Pictures and Furniture Pruning

Joe and I did so much fun projing this weekend. I can't wait to show you some pictures. But for this morning, I thought I'd post a few shots I took of the living room all set up for a bridal shower I threw a friend about a month ago (as a lapsed blogger I have a big backlog of pics to roll through dontcha know).

These pictures show what's still wrong with the room as much as they show what's right.
In this one you can see that I finally got a great corner china cabinet (I'll post more about that soon too). You can also see that there's a couch on the right hand side of the room. It has to go. Makes the room feel crowded and cluttered.

Nuther couch view. Ick! But look how pretty the table looked with all the favor bags and sparkly silver.

You can also see the cool farm cabinet in the right hand side of this pic. Again, another big item that is just sucking up space in this room and needs to move. In fact, pretty much every room in our house could benefit from 20% less furniture. I'm pruning like mad at the moment. But with few finished rooms, we have had to cram a lot into a little. Thankfully, that's finally starting to change.

Oh how cute is this? I found a bridal knife at a friend's house sale. It was more like a bridal sword. Kinda scary/pretty in a 50's housewife kind of way.

More views. I make a mean tea sandwich btw.

Why do I have this many tea pots?

How much better is this view with the couch cropped out? What does belong over there, imo? An upright piano. But I'm still scouring Craigslist and Freecycler for the right one.

I am in love with these goblets. ps: that's my Mom's china pattern. I'm lucky. Who was picking a simple platinum band in the late 60's/early 70's? No one, that's who. Most moms were into gaudier things like orangey brown floral patterns.

Gotta love my makeup industry friends who kicked down fantastic cosmetics and skincare goodies for all my guest's goody-bags.

Promise to post proj pictures tomorrow. I hope you'll love the changes we've made (we sure do).


erin said...

So lovely Hallie!!

Jenni said...

Very Pretty! I really like your style.

Green Fairy said...

Love the china! I was one of the unfortunate who inherited the orange and brown floral plates from my grandmother.