Who has the November Issue of InStyle??

I was completely obsessed with the apartment of Molly Sims when it was profiled in InStyle a few years back.
Member this?

I even have a link to Kishani Perera's blog over there on the right (she's the awesome designer who did it). It was on her blog that I read that Kishani had just revamped Molly's home office and I'm dying to see the spread.

I know everyone has had it up to here with Ikat - but the Ikat pillows in the pics (Kishani has a few images on her blog) look puuuuuuurty. Kishani has rigged her blog so I can't re-post any pics here. I get why she did that -but it seems like it would be a better idea to post them with a watermark or something - so she'd get credit but everyone would repost all over the bloggisphere.
Anyway - who has it and is either willing to give it to me (merry Christmas?) or scan it?
Anyone.... anyone...?
ps: I'm not sure if I want InStyle or InStyle home - if anyone knows - please, do tell.


the paris apartment said...

I loved her apartment too! Especially since they showed the dramatic before and after shots.
As for the photos, can't you just take a screen shot and crop it?

us said...

You are right! I could do that. But they are small. Don't think they'd blow up. Plus, I'm hoping there are more that she didn't show n the blog.

Nadine @ BDG said...

I may have the magazine-- let me check this weekend-- I can mail it or meet you for a pint at the Spotty Dog.

us said...

ooh - sounds good! I'd love to meet you anyway.

Nadine @ BDG said...

I'm looking at the Nov 2009 InStyle and the house featured is Kate Walsh's-- it must be the home edition you want, though you are most welcome to the issue I have. We're around as of the 26th, so drop me an email if you have time to meet up. Would love to say hi in person. Happy holidays to you and yours, Nadine

us said...

Thanks Nadine (love that name!) I'll do a little more detective work and see which issue I'm really looking for. I'll email you about the hang time.
Happy happy to you too.