Big News: I'm Becoming A Weekender

Big news y'all,
I'm going back to a full time gig in the city. I know! Exciting, right?
That's why I've been MIA lately.
I've been scrambling to find a little apartment to live in Monday through Friday (until now we just had a sublet for when Joe worked). Let me tell you, the NYC apartment search is every bit as soul crushing as I remembered it. But enough about the neg. The exciting part is that I'll be editing The Nest.com.

I've been writing for the site and mag for several years now - and I love both the brand (the Knot/Nest/Bump/Wedding Channel etc.) and the people - so I couldn't be more psyched. Sure, I'll miss full time Hudson - but I'll still be up here on the weekends. Plus, after all that's happened in the past year, I'm SO ready to be able to provide the husband with a little stability and health coverage.

What's more, Joe starts work on Design Star in about a week - so we'll both be in NYC for the next few months (and no, I will not share details about DS, Joe signs an iron clad nondisclosure before every reality show - so sorry design addicts - you'll have to wait and see just like everyone else).

Anyway, the Nest offices are in Soho (love!) and I'm so looking forward to wearing cute dresses to work again (as I type this, it's nearly noon, I'm still in a bathrobe - face unwashed -hair a-frizz).

Don't worry, we'll still blog house progress, there just won't be much till May.
I'll post pictures when we finally settle on a postage stamp size apartment. I'm checking Door 16 regularly for inspiration - as she and her hubby recently got a downstate pied a tere.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! The stability and creativity and big city life may seem super paced after Hudson. Or each may make the other better!

Barbara H.

erin said...

Exciting news Hallie! We will have to have power lunches in the city. xoxo

nikinikinine said...

That's awesome news hon! Congratulations! I'm a former knottie and current nestie/bumpie. I feel like a loser admitting that, but the sites are a powerhouse :) GL finding a great place in the city! Not easy to do, but how fun!

us said...

Barbara: I'm hoping each will make the other better - but before a year ago I was a full time city girl.
Erin: totes!
NikiNikinine: you'll have to tell me your username so I can track you down when I need to interview a nesty.
Thanks everyone!

An Hour In the Kitchen said...

Hope you had a great first week!

rh said...

Hey, I'm just catching up on my blog reading....

Glad to hear it! Because I'm moving back also. :)

Louie Monkey-Pest said...

On behalf of Henrich Von Ritter, I congrtatulate you.

Renovation Therapy said...

Sounds exciting!

Green Fairy said...

What an awesome gig! Congrats!

sandra said...

Congrats! How exciting!

I used to be on the Nest all the time, but now I just lurk on occasion.

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