The Carnage

This is the dining room with the creative bricklaying fireplace in it. We've demo'd the ceiling and some interior walls in order to deal with plumbing and electrical issues. The bad news is that it looks like beyond the friggin thunderdome. The good news is that half of the house has completely new electrical. So we are now 50% less of a fire hazard.

This is a door to the hallway we've discovered. It appears to have been framed out around the door so I think it will be safe to take back out - but we have to double check with someone who isn't me :), the resident know it all.

Don't even ask about the rasta ladder. I have no idea. Chester, "Angry Santa," the contractor must have left it behind.


iloveupstate.com said...

You guys are doing awesome. If you ever need reinforcements let me know and I'll flip Matt-The-Contractor's number to you. I LOVE MATT. He's the best and nicest and most reasonable contractor I've ever found.

Green Fairy said...

Oh my gosh--you guys really jump in with both feet! Makes me wonder what the heck I've been doing with my days.

iloveupstate.com said...

HEY! I'm looking at those groovy beams and thinking you should take a look at the beams in my living room. You can click through to my flickr page on my blog.