Farrow and Ball...Eh.

Member the pulls that I found that match the stove perfectly? I still don't know if I'll end up using them. Might be too kitschy and take away the classic quality I want. But time will tell.

So in my search for the best color(s) in the universe for my kitchen, I took a little field trip to the Farrow and Ball showroom in Soho. I picked out a few fabulous looking grays.
First let me say that I am one of those people who can tell which item costs even ten dollars more than the others, I can always tell the difference between top of the line and mid and I annoyingly find myself drawn to insanely expensive things.
But I must admit that I don't see the difference in quality between Farrow and Ball paint and good ole Benjamin Moore. I know apartment therapy types would bludgeon me to death with a Design Within Reach bookshelf just for blaspheming this way, but sorry.
I'm not saying ithe samples weren't nice, it just that they weren't particularly amazing.
And none of the shades ended up knocking my socks off.
These are the three samples, I painted them on canvases so I could move them around the house in case I wanted to use them elsewhere, which I probably don't.
All of these colors were sort of too strong when placed next to the stove, and none of them look cool with the red pulls (which I may end up ditching anyway but whatever)
So, while I think it's a nice product I won't be spending more than double the price of Mr. Moore to paint F&B, even in the kitchen.


lesley said...

I LOVE Ben Moore paint. Easy to work with, covers like a dream, great selection of umm... sheens? (glossy-->flat). I was underwhelmed with F&B as well.

Christine Hinz said...

I know nothing about F&B paints, but "our guy" will use nothing but Benjamin Moore (sorry, I'm a disaster when it comes to DIY). He told us to go look at the other paints (he suggested we use Ralph Lauren historic paint colors), but we had them mixed in Benjamin Moore. Guys that's how the pros do it.

I like the darker/charcoal color btw!

Jennifer said...

Not a fan of those colors... they just don't look "right". Especially with the pulls.

I actually like the red pulls a lot... but it would need to be in the right kitchen. SOmething with a lot of classic takes on that style perhaps?

Hallie and Joe said...

I agree, I think the red pulls would only look nice if I use a soft creamy color. Im still exploring a gray that has a similar creamy-ness to the butter cream stove. Either that or ditch the pulls, but I kinda love em.

Hallie and Joe said...

Jennifer - the darker charcoal color was my fave too - just not diggin it with the pulls. Too many strong things together you know?

Jenni said...

I am a big Ben Moore Fan as well.