Day One Continued

Here is what I affectionately call the murder-scene kitchen. I love how they decided to leave up the ruffled curtain with the arching splatter of rust. This room would give any one of those professional home stagers a nervous breakdown. It's one big - where to begin - festival of nastiness.

and after the dropped ceiling removal... Jury is still out about saving the tin ceiling. Probably not gonna happen. But I'm hoping to save enought o turn it into a nice backsplash. we'll reuse whatever we can salvage.
I'm not a big lover of blinds - but these are about a billion times less crusty than the original "window treatments."


Jennifer said...

I hope you can salvage some of that tin... it would make a great backsplash, as you said! Too bad it probably won't live on as a ceiling... but it looks like age wasn't that kind to it.

Our kitchen was probably about this nasty before the PO took a whole lot of Ultra Bright White paint to the entire house. :) Aweful, but much more livable than murder scene!

Hallie&Joe said...

we have a similar plan - just paint everything so that it feels clean and then work room by room to get it o where we really want it.