The Bargains Of Last Weekend

Hi all! As my freelance gig continues to kick my arse - my postings are getting less and less frequent (but hey more pithy!). I offer as evidence - these awesome photos of my winnings from garage sale-ing my way up the 9 towards Hudson last weekend. Ordinarily I would have posted them immediately, but I've been too pooped. Anyway, In my continuing campaign to create a cozy campsite for Joe and I so we can start sleeping over at our construction site/house, I have been piecing together bedroom stuff from here and there. We aren't going to spring for the big move till like June-ish. So none of the NYC furniture is up there yet (unless it fit into the back of a Camry).

Anyway here are my winnings - I hit a garage sale in Redhook that turned out to be a woman clearing out her antique shop because her landlord was selling the building.

I got this Victorian crib/daybed for $30 including the mattress. The stripey fabric its covered with was mine. nice no sew styling huh? It's really comfortable because its so springy-bouncy.

I hung some temporary curtains while I was at it.

These awesome antique-textile pillows were...... two for ten bucks. I know!

That rag rug cost me $20. I swear its a little less darling in person - more primary colors and less pastel.

I got each of these lamps at Goodwill in Hudson for $14 Then I bought the shades at Big Lots, next door for $10. I have some antique French crystals that I'll replace the drops with. The current ones are a little too clean for me.
Yep - they have marble bases... I know!

Oh - ps: that's my attempt to make a blow up bed look cozy. I can't wait till theres a real bed up there. I know that the room is looking dangerously Shabby Chic - which is so not my goal. So I'll have to balance things out with a Metallica poster or something.

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renovationtherapy said...

Burning Lights in Saugerties is awesome and they sell drop crystals way cheap.

The place is adorable.

I'd add a bong. Just sayin'...