I didn't get up to Hudson for a little over three weeks due to working through weekends - and all around life fatigue. Which is why I have had nothing to report. Luckily, we headed up for a day last Thursday because I couldn't stand it for another second. I missed that friggin house! So I nagged Joe - under the auspices of draining the white trash pool. True, that thing has kept me awake at night (it would not be cute if thousands of gallons of mossy-moldy water came crashing down on the house) but honestly - I just needed a reason to get up there.
Come on in, the pea soup is fine!

That's two years of rain water baby.

I brought lots of country knowledge into the marriage. So I knew how to siphon. How does my brain have the room to hold stuff like that but no room to hold... say... my home phone number?


Anonymous said...

OK but did you siphon it old skool style? Did you put your mouth up to one end of the hose and suck and try to get your mouth away as fast as possible so that no pea soup would hit ya?

God, I remember my Dad siphoning gas out of the car for the lawn mower like that...and smoking a cigarette at the same time. Men are nutty.


Hallie&Joe said...

Did your Dad have lots of chainsaw accidents? If so we might be long lost sisters.

Anonymous said...

he fell off the roof a lot...painting. My Mom actually CAUGHT him once.