What kind of tree is this?

Plant people. you know who you are.
Gather round.
What kind of tree is this?
It's big. It's pretty. It's home to a bunch of bees nests.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand those are the clues. Go!

In honor of Jean, of Iloveustate (turned renovationtherapy), and Joanne, of theboxhouse - I will be offering a prize.


Corey said...

Looks like a magnolia. Not sure of the variety, but one of the most common is a saucer magnolia (magnolia x soulangiana).

If it is indeed a magnolia, it would have large flowers early in the spring. If a saucer magnolia, these flowers would have been white at the edges with a pink center.

Sandy & Michael said...

The leaves look magnolia-ish, but I've never seen a magnolia that looks quite like yours... I did find a fun link from the Arbor Day Foundation with a guided questionaire called "What tree is that?" http://www.arborday.org/trees/treeID.cfm?TrackingId=154&gclid=CMOs0v-LppMCFQ0tHgodpRIR6A

Pretty nifty :)

Oh, and good luck with the sanding and mudding!


Green Fairy said...

I just planted several magnolias in our yard this week, and this kinda sorta reminds me of them. So Magnolia would be my guess, too.

Hallie&Joe said...

If it does turn out to be magnolia I think I'll drop dead from happiness. magnolias are what I miss most about the South. But I didn't think they could hack it this far north. hmmmmm. We shall see. Thanks for your help everyone!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I'd go with magnolia too.


knowitallaunt said...

it may be a bay magnolia or a tulip magnolia. tulip magnolias have purple flowers and bay magnolias have smaller white ones. has it bloomed yet? do the leaves fall off in winter? or do yellow leaves fall of in the spring and summer like the magnolia grandiflora (bigger, with plate-sized white VERY fragrant flowers).
bees can make big holes in trees. we had to cut down 2 75-year old oaks because bees had hollowed out the centers for nests.
your tree is not close enough to the house to worry about that though.

Hallie&Joe said...

knowitallaunt - I smell a prize coming your way girl!
Unless the tree bloomed and all the flowers fell of within two weeks - it hasn't bloomed yet. All the leaves were off in the winter (I think)
unfortunately, none of the winter pics I have of the backyard show this tree at all. As for bees - what does the distance from the house have to do with it. Sounds like you had carpenter bees.Yikes. I'm gonna gt an exterminator to deal with them for me I think. Worthwhile expense...

Hallie&Joe said...
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Hallie&Joe said...

ps: may i ask which one of my know it all aunts you are? As you (all knowingly) know, I have many.

Also - I just expanded the pictures and it looks like these ARE the blooms. they just aren't that pretty. It also looks like they bloomed and are on their way out. Is that normal? I know nothing about plant life and we don't even plan to cut or water the lawn. So if theres something we should be doing please let me know.

knowitallaunt said...

distance from the house matters if the tree falls over. sounds like a bay magnolia if the blossoms were no big deal. it's a beautiful tree. was there a wire around the trunk or could that line around the trunk be from woodpeckers?
about the grass--tall grass is a great breeding ground for bugs and other critters you may not want to share your paradise with.
so, since it's not obvious which of your know-it-all aunts i might be, i'll tell you: i'm the one who does not listen to her husband's free legal advice to answer only "i don't know": "idon't remember". it's just too tempting to give an opinion.

knowitallaunt said...

ps--i don't think those ARE the blossoms, just new leaves.

Hallie&Joe said...

I kind of hope not - if those are blooms they are a bit anticlimactic.
ps: thanks for not taking his advice!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I know of a couple from California who would like to travel upstate by train. Since I think Hudson is the ultimate walkable town, I need a B&B reco for somewhere downtown. Can you help? thank you. Priscilla

Hallie&Joe said...

Hi Priscilla - there are several gorgeous B&Bs in Hudson - none of which I have personally stayed in.
heres one:
Hudson City B & B
326 Allen Street - Hudson, NY 12534
phone: 518-822-8044

all three look gorgeous. Personally, I'd rent my friend Mary's house (link on my home page - HUDSON HONEYBEE) and go over to Le Gamin for breakfast. Her place is beautiful and their money may go farther... plus its an easy walk from the train station.

Anonymous said...

The Inn At Hudson is awesome and it's run by a part-time drag queen. I kinda wanna have my wedding there but only if he'll dress up.

--renovation therapy

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all the info. I'm forwarding it all. Priscilla