Stale Blog Entries

I'm gonna just put up the things that have been clogging up my "tobeblogged" pile.
Please do not complain if you find them to be crusty.

Here are a few shots i took at this awesome barbecue we went to up in Hudson on Memorial Day. There was a really sweet little girl there who was in love I MEAN LOVE with Bernie. As you can see Bernie is very good at enforcing his personal boundaries. But it kinda looks like they are slow dancing prom style.


Jean said...

Bernie needs his own reality show. Hysterical!

Jenni said...

This is your dance space.... this is my dance space.

I love Bernie!

WC said...

Clearly Berni wants to lead!

Jayne said...

Wow--Berni's dancing with the reincarnation of Anne Frank!!