Dad Labor - Installments # 3 and 4

Since another weekend has gone by filled with proj-ing, I figure I'd better get the backup of posts from my Dad labor extravaganza series up. Both Dad and Joe have been bugging me about when I'm gonna post the shots of the stone wall they built. It was brutal work and they were (are) pretty damn proud of how it turned out. Here are a few during pics. 

Note Dads headband. The sweat situation was not a joke. They don't have humidity like this in Montana. But seriously I think he wore it because of a secret longing to look like Keith Richards (ala Pirates of the Caribbean). 

The deal with this section of the wall is that a car crashed into it before we  bought the house. The wall has been standing for a hundred years and it's one of the first things we noticed about the house when we stalked it on MLS. We love it. Now it's even more special. Ok barf. But seriously!  

Now all it needs is the cement cap (not our first choice but that's whats there - so we need to match it. Note the cap on either sides of the menfolk. So anyway - tadah!

Where was I you ask? Um... I think I was upstairs hiding under the bed because the prior three days of hard DL had kicked my lily ass. 

And now for part 4... So last Friday during Dad week. We drove down to Brooklyn, picked up Joe and a moving truck and then filled it with stuff from our apartment AND our storage space. We also stopped by a friend's new apartment and picked up this...

She's going through demo and let me dumpster dive. Isn't it gorgeous?  I got the sink and faucet and everything! It will look great in our downstairs bathroom (someday).

Then we went by the used refrigerator dude in our hood and grabbed a fridge to make the whole camping experience a little more civilized (we'd been living with a dorm fridge till then). Not too gorgeous but hey - it cost $180 and it isn't too much of an energy sucking behemoth. So it'll do. It really sets off the skanky counter top and scabby linoleum(s) nicely I think. I got that groovy breadbox for a dollar at a Hudson "trash or treasure sale" the next day.

So yeah - then we* drove the full truck of stuff upstate and THEN unloaded it all into the house. My poor Dad... that was just day three!

*ok in the interest of full disclosure I'll admit that I was strangely absent during much of the unload. There's a rumor going around that I was hiding under the bed again. But I will not confirm or deny this sort of nonsense. 


Green Fairy said...

Wow! I love that sink. It's gorgeous! Lucky you.

Hallie&Joe said...

I know right? Such an amazing freebie!

iloveupstate.com said...

that sink is gorgeous!!!

you need to send me your number again, as I was sitting in the Hudson train station for 5 hours the other I kept thinking "phuck, someone needs to bring me beer and a pizza".

Louie Monkey-Pest said...

This is Dodge Street?

Hallie&Joe said...

Can you repeat the question? Not sure I get it. Or are you literally asking me if this house is on Dodge street? If so the answer is no.