More 4th of July shenanigans

After the sun went down completely we walked over to our friend Rob's amazing studio/rehearsal space. Note Claudia's patient mother chillin' groupy style on the back couch. Rob's the one wearing the macho pink crocks. He sold all of us our houses. Welcome to smalltown USA people. Get on board.
Anyway here's a shot of all the guys expressing their jealousy at the awesomeness of the space.

I made Drea and Claudia pose for me with all the hilarious "world music" instruments.

This picture rules because Claudia is clearly frightened. But also because its a great example of the way Drea will take total direction from me whenever I point a camera her way - and she has no vanity whatsoever. (think: me screaming "give me more, more! Make me believe you totally love world music!) That my friends, is the definition of a good f'n actress.

I can't even stand how much this stoner art makes me laugh. I can just imagine the dude who made it having the brilliant revelation that led to it's creation. Dude, wherever you are, thanks for blowing my mind.

Aaaaaaaand then here's me. Because I'm classy.

Claudia is such a cutie pie.


The end. July is gonna be so fun upstate! The white trash pool will be operational super soon!

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