Fourth Of July Pics

We had the best time over the fourth of July weekend. We got out of the friggin city and headed up to Hudson with some friends (hey, whoever is brave enough to camp out at our semi-spooky unfinished Hudson pad is totally invited). But we never really made it to see fireworks. We were barbecue hopping and planned on heading over to a neighboring town to watch em (insiders tell me that Hudson blows it's fiscal wad on flagday and has no budget left over for fireworks on the 4th) . But we were all groving on THIS

so much that no one wanted to get up and leave. So we sat on the waterfront and chilled till the sun went down. We heard fireworks. Does that count?


Jennifer said...

You can't beat a sunset like that. Just gorgeous!

Green Fairy said...

Now that is one hell of a sunset. Fireworks can't compete.

Jenni said...

Oh my... That is lovely. What Hot Pinks!