The Funniest Thing I've Read In Awhile

I'm posting this just because most of you probably won't read my comments. But this comes to me courtesy of Dec0r8or. Thank you thank you thank you! It is a fabulous website showcasing old weightwatchers cards from the 70's. I am telling you that tears ran down my face people! My two favorites were "inspiration soup" and "mackerelly". Divinely inspired, trust me.



modernemama said...

I have tears running down my face and I'm crying with pain. Favorites: Melon Mousse and Frankfurter Spectacular. Scared by: the dead salmon in the Onion Sauce card

dec0r8or said...

Ha! TOLD ya'! After I posted the link here, I went back over and read through them again (it's been about a year since last time) and I was crying again. That woman is seriously hilarious. Almost as hilarious as that wallpaper you've got there. :0

Hallie and Joe said...

Honestly, it was the highpoint of my day. Love it and thanks again!