Other Accomplishments

In other news we went ahead and peeled a layer of the upstairs kitchen back in search of something less gnarly. I wish I had taken a few more before pictures. But i think the room as a whole overwhelmed me and so all I have is a delicious collection of closeups.
Cheesy Chicken wallpaper border:

Absolute Asthma Attack Fan:

Lovely linoleum:
But as you can see, I knew from one of my patented tweaker-archaeologist digathons that something nicer was beneath. And since this is one of only two room in the entire house without a dropped ceiling, it's actually going to be much easier to finish (theoretically). The other cool thing is that it opens to the back stairs which have a mini-deck. Really a wooden fire escape if you want to get technical. So this room may one day be a groovy sleeping porch situation if we build a proper deck back there. Here's the closest thing I have to a full on before shot:

Bye bye chickens, maybe someday I'll wake up start thinking appliance cozies and geese with bonnets are where it's at. Maybe... Until then.
And here's the floor. So much better already huh?
Nice right? I haven't peeled all the wallpaper off yet - but the chickens alone made a big difference. Trust me.

Over where the sink and stove were (this was a two family remember?) we discovered that ugly (in this case) was more than skin deep. Some fantastically scabby layers of decor.

Take a closer look. Yeah, one of those is an orange pepper which is cool and all. I feel you mister 1950's wallpaper designer. But did you need to add an orange artichoke? Couldn't you have just stopped while you were ahead? No? Never, you say? Oh well.
Don't get me started about the mushroom bouquet.


modernemama said...

Is that shag carpet on the fan blade?

dec0r8or said...

I'm just a lurker, clicked over through Renovation Therapy, but I have to say, when I saw that hilarious artichoke wallpaper, an old website came to mind. This woman has taken old Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1970-something, and put them online with some of the funniest commentary ever. Just click on the first card, and scroll through from there. The first time I read them I almost peed my pants. Seriously. Here's a link:


Jennifer said...

LOVE the floors!

I don't understand why you didn't leave that fabulous vegetable wallpaper, though. What a waste!

Hallie and Joe said...

OMG dec0r8or thanks for the tip. I'm going to check it out right now.
Jennifer - I can't tell if you are joking or not but as of now it's still there, all 2x3 of it. There isn't much - about an 8th of the wall. But I do intend to save a little bit and frame it or something. Other than that I can't say it inspired any strong preservation urges on my part. And I'm usually that last person on earth to prefer new over old. But in this case, I have to say new will be better. Especially for a bedroom.

Jenni said...

Shag carpet on the ceiling fan blade.....hehehehehe.

Oneday somewhere, someone will think ducks with bonnets are cool, hip, and very retro. --- Gesh....what will they be thinking!

And that floor is great!!

Five and Diamond Vintage said...

Lose the hens and wreaths, but maybe better save the cheezy artichokes and build a nice lower cabinet around that swatch only to be seen when you go to grab a pot or pan. Good stuff worth hiding away? By year 2030 it could have real kitsch potential I would think.