Cleaning Day

Drea, the super-friend, came up with me to beat the shack into shape. My goals were simple - to be able to walk through my house without getting filthy. Drea was like, "Let's make this shit happen!" Cleaning is kinda her thing. I find this fascinating. Note the "before" floor.

Look how great these floors look post-scrub with a little waxola!
This scary as hell kitchen - is... well... as a friend used to say, you can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit." But you can dust and mop to the point where you feel safe pouring a cup of coffee in it. Can't wait till we lay down new floors and countertops. But whatever. I have to be able to camp for a few months.
Dre-dre. note the necessary dust mask. You have no idea. We'll tell our children about this cleaning day. What a friggin battle.
More clean - OK clean(er) floors!
sidenote: that's an antique mirror that I rescued from a dumpster. I want to paint it and maybe a bit of silver leaf here and there... who knows? But it's five feet tall and pretty damn cool as is.
That's all for cleaning day. More to come! The very next day I started at the paper. Holy crap!

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Jennifer said...

Amazing what elbow grease will do!