Leaf watch '08

Joe hasn't been able to come upstate in over a month because of Mister Trump and his show from hell. Which, ahem, paysourrentbutwhatever. So I've been giving him leaf updates. I mean upstate is a fall dream no? Here was the ride up a week ago.

And here it is this weekend. I'd say two thirds have gone all Autumny. Soooooo pretty.

Here's a little route 9 this weekend. Still a lot that haven't changed. So you see Joe - there's hope! You might catch a tree or two before all the leaves fall off.

Bernie digs fall. Worth Street leaves.

Worth Street trees. My morning walks have been so nice lately. Even though I'm bone tired. I am really getting a lot out of the level of beauty that surrounds me up here. OK maybe not the level of beauty in the kitchen, but I digress.

Bernie still won't pee in the yard btw. His little pea brain just doesn't get it. The level of nature is just too high for my Bernie Bernbaum I still have to walk him over to this hydrant :)

All for now. More soon!

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Jenni said...

No color down here yet... But it is suppose to be around 34 tonight. Burrrrrr.

Give Bernie a pat under his chins for me.