Check Out What I Scored

OK, here's the a shot I took of one of the handles on the antique stove I bought a few weeks ago. It's shrink wrapped and covered with moving blankets at the moment - so it wasn't super easy to photograph. Then there was the matter of a certain little fat man that kept getting in the way.
Anyway - in this shot you can see that there's a thin, metallic stripe down the center.
Hey, is this helpful - what I'm doing? Cause I can like stand here, or like get closer to the camera lens... whichever you prefer lady.
The handles have little ridges.
so the other day I was looking at vintage pulls and handles on Ebay -and I ended up winning these bakelite puppies for like 10 bucks total. I think I got 16 of them. They all need cleaning - they have a little paint and you know - your basic vintage crusties. But seriously - could they be a better match?

They have the little metal stripe, the ridges and the color is identical. There's a chance I might not use them - because it could end up looking too matchy matchy and precious. I don't want to be one of those girls with a kitchy kitchen. I'm just not that darling if you must know. But wouldn't these look cool with gray cabinets?
but that's the beauty of buying vintage - if you change your mind, you can always resell and get every last cent back.

Oh PS: I also got this pendant (the large nickel one). It was on massive sale and I had a left over gift certificate from way back (thanks aunt Betsy!) so it only cost me $50. I've wanted one of these forever - so I was psyched. This will go in the center of the kitchen. I don't know yet if we are going to have an island or not - but the adjustability will make it work either way.

Next up - I'll post a little kitchen inspiration so you can see where I'm coming from dream-wise.

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