Kitchen Inspiration

I don't have a scanner up here so forgive the weirdness of my photos of photos.
The top one is a tear from a magazine that I already forgot. Sorry editor/photographer wherever you are! what I like is the combination of gray with red accents. I have the groovy red stove handles to contend with now - so I'm looking for a way to incorporate them with the rest of my taste which is gray gray gray. I have a total aversion to color when it comes to this house. I find my life is stimulating enough - I don't want to be stimulated by my house. Know what I'm sayin?

Here's a less flashy one. the colors are good. I could care less about the stainless. Seriously.

This is a kitchen Ive been holding onto for like ever. it's from Domino june/july '07. This is a gray paint covered with a cream-ish emulsion. It's a little elmers gue-y. But I find it super calming and homey. It doesnt hurt that it's in Africa. If I do upper cabinets I want some chicken-wire doors like this. We are uding all existing cabinetry but these doors would be easy to make and swap out with the fuglies we have. I know it's very cottage but I love it.

Here's a winder shot. I love the idea of using a big dresser or sideboard rather than lower cabinets.

Another view. I also want something like this dish rack thingy. What do you call these? I find it impossible to find one without all manner of barfy country-swirly-crap all over it. If you know here I can get one that is nice and simple let me know please.

These are a few of my faves. Kitchen porn... gotta love it.


Anonymous said...

For the pot rack - check out Richelieu.com for some very simple/scandanavian influenced racks. Or go to a local metal shop and see if you can get one made from black pipe or other pipe.Good Luck and Great Blog

Five and Diamond Vintage said...

gray gray gray, with splashes of red.... FABULOUS! Go for it.

pam said...

I got my pot rack at JCPenney.com. It's just clean lines with black hooky things for the pots.

iloveupstate.com said...

Hallie - Search dish rack on my blog, I did a whole search & destroy last year.

I love the grey & red!!

hallie said...

dish rack not pot rack ladies :)
But thanks anyway.
I love - I think you know what I'm talkin about. heading over to your place for a search right now. You are such a black belt shopper... third level at least.

Anonymous said...

Love your inspiration posts.
I spent the day in your lovely town. We walked our Weimaraner Cooper and met lots of great people and their dogs. -Priscilla

Renovation Therapy said...

ebay item number: 350121485108

hallie said...

I'm feelin it Ilove!
And Priscilla - I agree lots of dreamy people and cute dogs. What's not to love?

Renovation Therapy said...

Unless you have become a true upstater (ex: smoking weed and arguing about which farmstand had/has the best coder donuts) you need to update this darn blog.

Renovation Therapy said...

cider. oy.

Hallie and Joe said...

If only, try working 12 hour days and trying to squeeze freelance jobs in after that. Oh, and praying to get run over. There's always that :)

ps:did someone say cider donuts?