I've Missed You

Ahhhh Saturday. A break from the job that ate my life. Since we last hung, some shidt has gone down, my friends. For one thing it got frufrufru-freezing!
Leaf watch '08 has officially come to an end.
Visual evidence below.
Last night I brought out this full length fur coat that my aunts gave me. It belonged to my Granny, it has my name embroidered in it blah blah blah.
It's a family thing so I have to keep it, yet I look like a crazed Russian mail order bride in it. Plus I fear vigilante fur justice will be visited upon me, so I don't wear it in public per se.
Full length I said!
But ohmigod is it a hell of a Bernie walking coat. Especially when he takes so long to consider which particular leaf to crap upon at 1am.
Anyway Brrrr.

A mere week ago...

The Magnolia went early.
Now Mr. Maple is finito.

The good news is that the no leaf sitch provides a much clearer view of the white trash pool which may or may not have become a toxic waste dump. I seriously dare you to stick a finger in there. I vote for throwing a tarp over that mess and pretending it's not there till spring.

Yep, it's over till spring.


Anonymous said...

lets see a photo of the fur coat! and the embroidered name...


hallie said...

Oh my god! Coming soon!

Jenni said...

I too wanted to see the full lenght fur Bernie walking coat.