Closed up shop in Willy

Yup, we left. Bye bye Mario. we didn't buy very much meat from you. But you are still our favorite meat guy ever. We love you and you made us really really wish we spoke Italian.
For those of you just tuning in Mario once saved my diabetic cat's life. She had an insulin overdose and was going down fast, it was pouring rain, i called a car service to get us to the vet, ran outside in the crazy rain with the cat carrier and the a@#hole driver refused to let me in with an animal. I know!
I lost it and stood there crying in the rain. Mario ran out of the butcher shop and yelled, "what? What what what?" or something to that effect. Then seriously seconds later a huge white Lincoln tears around the corner and screeches to a hault in front of me.
It was one of Mario's employees who proceeded to deliver us to the vet in about three seconds.
When he dropped us off he said, "so.... now you know where you gotta buy your meat."
Anyway, bye Mario we love you in a weird Brooklyn neighbor way. Tura says thanks.
These pics were taken thenight we left - just as we were about to pull away.
Bu-bye ghetto storefront apartment where I could hear subway announcements while watching TV and enjoy the hum of 16 wheelers which made the windows shake 24/7.
We enjoyed paying sh*#loads of money for you.

And that was that. We will rent another apartment in the spring probably but the winter is all about home improvement and Hudson full-time.

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