I Did Not Die!

Hi all!
I feel like i might have gotten over the hump.
As you may or may not know, over the past month or so we moved up to Hudson full time, I took a job that ate my life but paid (pays) half of NEVERMIND MY DEITOR READS THIS.
So anyway, I have to hustle other writing jobs nights and weekends, so there's that.
Plus the Hudson house wasn't super ready for full-time livin if you catch my drift.
We are talkin no stove y'all.
So in between nervous breakdowns we worked our asses off on the homestead.
I'm happy to say it has really come along.
To catch up on all the backlog of photos and entries I've had gathering dust, I'm going to schedule them all so they go out one per day for awhile.
Will you please pretty please come back and cheer me on dear homebloggers of the world?
I (chin begins to tremble) really... need.... you (breaks down and cries big hickuppy tears)
Sorry...sniffle.. I wish you hadn't had to see that.
But whatever.
just come back K?


priscilla said...

I anxiously await your updates!

Green Fairy said...

Welcome back! I missed your blogging.

Anonymous said...

Was wondering what happened, you move to the country and fall off the face of the earth...

hallie said...

Thanks ladies!
It's good to be back and see what you've all been doing.
Hey there anonymous - I sort of did.
But I'm crawling back out of the cave and working on the ole abode again.
It's so much more satisfying than all the other work I've been doing.

dec0r8or said...

I'll be checking in too! I can't wait to see house updates!

Jenni said...

Yay ! Glad you are back. I"ve missed Bernie,too.
I understand how life can overtake bloggin.