Cutting off the Crust

In happier, better smelling news...
We have been making progress in the front entrance hallway. We (Joe) are using it as an opportunity to learn how to plaster. I tend to not be super interested until he gets to the top coat. But I've already had a really good time tinting up joint compound to make a poor man's venetian plaster. It looks gorgeous when dry. who knew?

Ripping off the lovely perma-sheen faux wood walls and dropped acoustic tile ceiling revealed actual curves.
There aren't many of those around here so I was super jazzed.

The door will go soon but for now it's a welcome dust barrier.

What's that you say? You don't remember what it looked like before? What???
I can't believe you didn't swipe a picture for your flickr account labeled "inspiration." Enlarge for full effect.
Stop that dramatic wheezing, you aren't actually IN the hallway from hell. It just feels that way.
This one was taken on day 1, about an hour after we closed, and seconds after I ripped the orange carpeting off. I'm pretty sure it was made entirely of cancer and scabs. Bernie was glad to see it go. Although it still haunts him as evidenced by his eyes in this picture.

this is how the surface looks after stripping three layers of paper. Like most other rooms the top layer is really plain, like craft paper and the other layers are really pretty (from what I can see) but I haven't been able to separate them except for little quarter inch chips. Kinda sucks, as I'd love to preserve a bit. But I love how the walls look just like this.

this is where Joe has repaired it most of the way. Scratch coat and brown coat? Check.
Now we are going to try to match it somewhat with the patching. Fun proj!
It kind of looks like a science fair project involving topographical maps.
the aforementioned curve. So sexy, so elegant, so not a dropped ceiling meeting fake wood paneling at a 90 degree angle.
Yeah, so the linoleum is still there. We cant tear it up until I can afford to have another load of demo'd materials carted off. All of our reserve tanks are full of rubble. KWIS?

Besides repairing it and then sealing it so that it doesn't dust all over us, we won't be doing much to change the look of it. The colors are rad. There is a blue gray vein here and there that doesn't pop out in photos but it really looks gorgeous. I'm not really a yellow person, so let's just call this color what it is - yellowed.

Another look...

And another... I promise to show you where it ends up this weekend.


Newburgh Restoration said...

Love your blog...I will link it to mine! Restoration is what it's all about

hallie said...

Yay thanks! I can't wait to check out Newburg one of these days.

Lolo said...

Oh man, it definitely takes love to do this.

Shane and Casey said...

That is looking great. Where did Joe learn to do the plaster repair? It looks like it is coming out perfectly.

To see inside the minds that thought of paneling and dropped down ceilings would be... down right scary...

Hallie and Joe said...

Friends told us about using the washers and the rest came from hours of internet research. You wouldn't believe the number of chat rooms dedicated to debating the pros and cons of structolite. It's insane.

Jenni said...

Carpet made of Cancer and scabs.
Too funny.