Floor Samples From Hell

So here's the new kitchen floor waiting to be laid.
what is it waiting on you ask?
Well a certain lady is obsessed with acheiving a certain shade of gray floor and has been trying all manner of crazy concoctions.
I, I mean a certain lady, tried ready made stains, home-made stains that involve steel wool and vinegar, rit die (actually got the best results believe it or not)

But many of the grays were baby blue, or lavender, or sea foam... ugh. Anyway, I may be over it. I may just beat the crap out of the wood to age it and then do this whole swedish treatment which involves lye and then this other stuff called white soap... but more on that later.

Joe has never been super into the gray idea so he made me, I mean a certain lady, do some other samples.
If you did your floors in any of these colors please forgive my disses - they just arent what I'm looking for you dig?

ICK (Joe's sample - ok I'll admit it's not really ick, but not what I'm going for)
Yuck (refer to disclaimer above)

Yikes! Feel free to enlarge and shudder.
Why another picture of this one? Barf.

Poop. I had high hopes for this one. no thanks baby blue floor.

These ones were more like paint, and oh ps: still not the ideal shade.


farmhouse wares said...

I feel your pain. Have you tried a good old-fashioned battleship gray?

Anonymous said...

One thing I did many years ago when trying to get a good grey without too much blue, was start with black and add white til I got the shade of grey I wanted. If you want the effect of stain just water the paint down and do a wipe on/wipe off (quickly)
although it's sometimes difficult to get a consistant finish that way, especially on pine, which is what yours looks like. You could try a pre-stain conditioner which helps the stain/paint take more evenly. Minwax makes a good one that I've used.

Hallie and Joe said...

Oh let me clarify, what I really wanted was something that looked like weathered silvery gray wood. Which is why I didn't go straight to paint, although I've sort of let that dream die at this point. In other annoying news, now that I see everything with the stove I'm not sure gray will work at all anyway. I'm kind a thinking I need to go somewhere in the cream and white neighborhood.
Ugh, I never thought I'd be this indecisive...
ps: Debbie - thanks for the tip!
pps: thank you too farmhouse wares. who knows, that may be where I end up - but not without a good fight!

Five and Diamond said...

Wow, I admire your perseverance. My method is to get as close as I can, and then just learn to like it if it isn't quite right. Then --try agin in 5 years, when I'm on to to whole new color crush anyway...

Hallie and Joe said...

Um... your method may be more sane Diamond.
I think since it's my first house and first chance to not settle I've been way more reticent to settle. But I'm getting there:)

Hallie and Joe said...

My awesome artist friend Gretchen Kelly (she's in my links) came over and did a color sesh with me and now we are off to the races!