Pretty Ebay Crap

As the economy continues to scare the bejezus out of just about everybody, there is an upside. People are selling fabulous stuff on Ebay for great prices.
I barely have ten cents, but still couldn't pass up this puppy.
At a store, this chandelier would have definitely had another zero on the end.
It's crazy heavy so I couldn't do a better Price is Right for you. Sorry.
I love this chandelier. It looks like it was buried in the dirt for 100 years and somebody just dug it out. I hope that when I go to get it rewired, it doesn't come back shiny and new looking.
It reminds me of an uncut diamond. Exhibit A:
So cool. I love it.

Oh I also got these rosettes for the upper corner of the doors that we need to trim out eventually (sigh). I'm going to strip one and see if it uncovers some more of the detail. It's got millions of layers of (gotta be) lead paint. I bought 12 of them.

The dangerous thing about shopping is that it makes you feel like you've made progress when you absolutely haven't. Have you ever bought something like one of those yoga blocks and that completed your overall involvement with yoga?
Me either.
It was just a hypothetical question OK?


modernemama said...

No but I bought a yoga mat in 2005 and it's still in its box

Renovation Therapy said...

The woman who runs "Burning Lights" in Saugerties is fantastic, try her - she will absolutely follow orders and she's cheap.cheap.cheap.

Nadine @ BDG said...

I think the light fixture is very cool-- almost severe looking in an Edwardian type of way-- if the Saugerties woman doesn't work out, there's a place on Main St in Catskill called City Lights. They might be helpful.

Green Fairy said...

Love the light fixture!

I've been going crazy the last few weeks snapping up chandeliers on eBay, even though we shouldn't be spending any money, either. But the prices are the best I've seen in years.

Shane and Casey said...

Ebay! I love the prices on ebay too! Dangerous dangerous thing! I love your light. I'd like to find something similar for our back entry.