Progress Report: The Crystal Meth Room

OK, I know this is boring people. But I think it's only fair that I show stuff Joe has done. That... aaaaaaand I'm kinda scraping until I take a few more pictures around here.
Anyway - you may recall?

Now it's our in-house shop. Bucept fancier, cause there's spooky red carpet for more splinter retention.
But seriously, the carpet is not coming up until we are ready to renovate this room for real. The floors underneath are too nice to expose right now.

Note Joe's organizational skills. Stop with the snoring! He worked hard on this crap I tell you.

OK so the ceiling is still relatively horrifying. But it's serving it's purposes as a shop roof. Ick. The color scheme in there still kicks up my gag reflex. Sorry black and red, you still combine to make a heckuva great 80's outfit. But no thanks on walls.
Anyway - I pledge to shoot some more stuff later this week so you can get a look at other, prettier things.

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Shane and Casey said...

*jealous* At least you guys have a "shop." My shop entails wherever I can find a place to set my tools and my butt. Lately it has been our basement stairs!