Here's the Dealio

We got termites. Even though I'd already had two other bug guys come check the house in the past - each assured me that the floor damage I kept pointing out to them was from a past water leak and was most definitely not termite damage. Because "we don't have termites here."
Guess those dudes dropped by on opposite day and I forgotten to consult my calendar cause it was totally term-tastic and we had to drop a couple G's on poisonous what-have-yous.
And before you ask - yes we are sure the third guy wasn't/isn't scamming us. I checked, and double checked, like I like to do.
They're there y'all.
Anyway - I called this particular exterminator because things were warming up again and we got these weird beetles everywhere (that turned out to be harmless) but I worried that they were powder post which ARE all over Hudson, plus last year we were swarming with carpenter ants and carpenter bees so I kinda threw my hands up.
So anyway we've been dealing with that - which totally emptied my pockets.
Also - the hell smell is back.
So there's that.
We've been working like crazy on the house but there isn't a whole helluva lot to show photo-wise.
Oh and I changed jobs.
And then I passed out and slept for about a month, waking up to sob ocaisionally.
Actually that last part was pure fantasy. I daydream about sleep.
Anyway I'm back on the blog tip and will be posting stuff daily for awhile.
cross my heart.


Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back. So very sorry for all the bad news and stress - hope things improve soon!

Barbara H.

Bonnie said...

I just found your blog via Nadine@BDG who posted on Maison21's Interior Design blog. Oh my gosh, I have termites too! Now I don't feel so alone. I sprayed them with ant spray since I don't have any termite spray, and then vaccummed them up. Eau! Gross. LOL I've had the big bug truck out a few years ago and they did the whole drilling thing... still the bugs come back to visit now and then. I've had bees before too.. but at least they were outside, for the most part. But alas, I find somebody who can relate! I hope your bugs go away soon! On a brighter note, your blog is fabulous! I love the chandelier you found. Your place has some fabulous character and Im sure its gonna look amazing!!!!!

dec0r8or said...

Oh NO! Termites!! I have a deathly fear that they are going to show up somewhere in MY house. Ugh. I don't want to have to deal with that at ALL. I haven't seen any evidence of them (knock wood), so I'm holding my breath.

On a happier note, I'm glad you're back...what's the new job? I think you should share more house projects, too. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh, yuck! I hate termites. Makes me glad to live in a brick house.

I hope you got them out for good!

modernemama said...

Termites, you either had 'em, you have 'em or you're gonna get 'em. Whatever they're gonna cost ya! Lawn Guyland wisdom...

us said...

Ladies. thanks for the luv.
And now.
Some good old fashioned house proj pix (cause seriously - that's why we're all here right?)
back to the point!!!

Louie Monkey-Pest said...

Its an amazing coincidence you live in Hudson. There is a fellow there named Henry Von Ritter who has developed this holistic treatment for termites. You should see if you can locate him.

us said...

OMG Hank Von Ritter? I've interviewed him for the RS as he has a bunch of litigation with the city. He's a fascinating and super hilarious man. Not sure the city thinks so but...

Louie Monkey-Pest said...

Dr. Von Ritter has a special mixture of kerosene, gasoline arsenic and formaldehyde that is sure to ride the place of termites. Ask him.

us said...

I'll get right on that