Weekend Yard Project

Even though I should be blogging for one of my paying gigs right now. I'd rather show off a little proj progress from the long weekend. It was such a nice break. We worked like crazy in the yard, but also had some awesome home cooked dinners with friends, and walked to a gorgeous double waterfall nearby. But I digress.

Here's the deal. I snapped up this table and chair set at my favorite affordably priced Warren Street haunt (there are a few I promise!) Carousel.
When I bought it, the chairs were white vinyl.
Sticky summer legs, where do I sign up. Right?
Anyway - I'll probably put a clear coat over them so they don't continue to chip and rust. I like the current ratio.

After (one is an armchair and one is a side)
I'm not super awesome with the upholstery projects yet - I don't suggest starting with stripes btw - but I'm happy with it even if they are a little wiggly.

The cuteness comes together.

The over all sitation:
What you don't see is the huge pile of crappola including but not limited to posts with huge concrete globs on them (deck carcass), tons of rotten wood, three (why) rusty propane tanks, snarled metal fencing etc. etc. etc. that was piled up directly behind this little patch of concrete paradise. That's cause we lugged it outa there!

The yellowish grass is where it lurked.

Ok so maybe this IS too many pictures.
Whatever. It took a long friggin time people, so please humor me.

Bernie loves it - so there.

I made a little DIY firepit out of some of the pretty antique bricks we had. I salvaged these from one of the "chimneys to nowhere" that we took down from the roof when we had it repaired. Note to self, find out city fire laws.
I've seen other neighbors with firepits but God knows I live my life in fear of a scolding, so I'll have to check.

Here's where all the stuff is now - cause I know you wondered.
Note: Alleys are rad!

Here's more of it.
Sometimes things take a long time around here becaue Rainman loves him some organization. But I look the other way because I have found over time that his methods generally pay off.

Anyway - we will probably lay flagstone on top of the little cement patch - or box it in and pour pea gravel. Either of those would be preferable to cement. And both will be fairly simple to do since we don't have to level anything.
But this will do for now.

And after all that Joe mowed

So there's the dirt patchy, former pool area on the right and the cement island on the left. The former home owners sure loved to break up flow. If you are wondering what the heck's up with the rusty pole center frame, why it's half of the gigantic clothes line that diagonally cuts across the lawn.
We know.
It's next on the chopping block.
Joe's totally looking forward to digging out the concrete pilings holding it in place.

More soon!


Anonymous said...

We bought a bird bath at Carousel last Friday. It had been in their window for a while and I kept hoping the price would come down a bit.
Our dogs think it's an elevated bowl'

Your yard looks great.-Priscilla

Green Fairy said...

Busy little worker bees, the yard is really coming together. Looks great!

Jennifer said...

We have two huge clotheline poles in our backyard, too... except the concrete pilings are HUGE. My husband wants to just "leave them". He thinks no one will notice the poles sticking out of the ground.

hallie said...


joe said...

with y'alls personality you should be able to talk someone with a backhoe or skip loader tractor into slinging a chain around that post and hydraulically pulling it up. if you see 'em workin in the neighborhood - offer 'em a fifty or something. how to dispose of it? may have to torch the pipe of the cement base as a hack saw might suck. maybe the rainman has a sawzall? then, those same guys with the tractor may have a load headin for the dump in their dump truck and they could throw the concrete on top. maybe the pipe too.

us said...

Joe, I think ou wildly overestimate our charm. But thank you!

Totalrenovering said...

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