Mary Doesn't Like To Talk About the Asteroid

We finally broke down and listed the WT pool on craigslist for free. We figured that if any family was willing to show up and spend the day dissembling it, then they kinda deserved to leave with the spoils, know what I'm sayin?
We did not anticipate the 150 replies we got. But being a true skeptic I was sure that no one would actually show up. I finally chose the woman who was willing to drive 2+ hours to get it - though again... skeptical.
Here's the deal - we just sort of never felt like spending the $1,000 or so that it would take to get it up, running and de-grossified.
Especially since we only considered keeping it until the renovation was finished. Believe it or not, my homeowner dreams never included an above ground pool. They also never included a Mary in the half shell, but whatevs. Mary stays put.

Partially because she is one of the only post 1900's additions to the property that appears to be well constructed and thus - sound, and partially because I'm kinda superstitious and I feel like she's good juju.
Sorry Catholicism at large, I mean thee no offense.
Here's a nice before:


And a few durings. This is after the family drove away with all the pool parts. What you see left behind is tarp detritus and pool scum.
ps: it was a freezing day. The family that came to get it were total troupers!

This is a grouchy Joe attempting to appease me with an action shot. So lifelike!

Yeah, so it kind of looked like a depressing pond for a few days. Till it dried up and began looking alike an asteroid crash site guarded by the Virgin Mother.

It looks so much better now can't even take it. We also ditched the "deck."
Mary really fancies up a yard don't she now?
We plan to fill it in and plant grass and flowers. Yay!


Nadine @ BDG said...

150 responses? That's amazing! It'll be great to use your whole yard now though.

Green Fairy said...

Mary look so lonely out there now, but I agree, the pool had to go.

I've used Craig's List to ditch unwanted bits of PO crap, but 150 responses is amazing. Nice job.

BunnyMendelbaum said...

Looks great! And Mary looks so happy!

(Confession - I'm a little jealous. I've secretly always wanted Mary in a half-shell. I spent many an hour at my grandma's smooshed in their behind Mary playing.)

Just Off The Taconic said...

That's a very happy ending for the pool people -- and Mary deserves the whole backyard IMHO.

Also, here's another great resource for getting rid of stuff that you can't be bothered with trying to sell:


If you're in a small(er) town, like Hudson, just search under Columbia County.

us said...

Thanks everybody. And btw I was totally exaggerating (like i like to do). If you knew me in real life, you'd know that anything I say needs to be massively rounded down. So yeah, there were really somewhere around 35 responses.
I laid it on pretty thick in the ad about how someone's kids could have an awesome summer if they were willing to show up and get their hands dirty.
Regardless - the view is less interrupted and I'm super psyched about it.

Eric said...

Glad to have found your blog! I kind of have my own, but it sucks as 1) I lost my camera, we all know a blog without pictures is useless. New one on the way. 2)I dont really have time to actually sit down and blog. Hopefully I'll have some good solid updates very soon to entertain the people of the renovation curious interweb.

Jenni said...

"looking alike an asteroid crash site guarded by the Virgin Mother"

Um...tea just spewed out my nose.

YAY! the pool is gone.

Totalrenovering said...

It's okay now, because you made to recover the former beauty of your backyard. Thank you for the great and interesting article.